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Dr. Pax Baptista, Pastor
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Judith Ottmann, Secretary
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Dorchester United Methodist Church
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   The Daniel Plan  40 Days to a Healthier Life

August 7—September 18

Thursdays, 5:30-6:00, Walking
6:00-7:00, Daniel Plan Meeting
If you are willing to dedicate 40 days to getting healthy,
read on. The Daniel Plan, co-authored by Pastor Rick
Warren, is more than a diet plan; it is an approach to
achieving a healthy lifestyle where people are
encouraged to get healthier together by optimizing five
key essentials faith, food, fitness, focus, and friends.
For those of you not familiar with The Daniel Plan – The
Plan is simple. Dedicate your body to God. Ask for His
help and get involved in a small group that will support
you on your journey. Then start making healthy choices
that include the foods God made like fresh fruits and
vegetables, not man-made refined food; and start making
exercise a part of your daily routine. They say everyone
who commits to the Daniel Plan should lose at least ten
lbs. in the forty days; some will be able to lose more.
When: Thursday evenings, 5:30-7:00 p.m.
August 7th – Sept 18th – 6 weeks
What: The Daniel Plan provides a DVD with a 30-
minute video for each 6:00 p.m. meeting. The remainder
of our time will be spent discussing the video and asking
for help from others.
Where: Dorchester Methodist Fellowship Hall
Who: Anyone who wants to get healthier (Dorchester
members and nonmembers, Friend members & nonmembers)
Men, women, young adults—all ages & sizes.
All are welcome, but please let me know if you will be
attending, as I need a count for the healthy snacks and
samples made from healthy recipes.
E-mail: cjolson@farmersco-operative.com or call or
text 402-641-5170 if you have any questions.
DUMC and FUMC Help Feed AmeriCorps Volunteers



AmeriCorps Volunteers are working in Beaver Crossing

from July 14th to August 18th, and we are helping feed
those volunteers. Our churches are preparing Thursday
evening suppers for them.
Pam Fuller; with the help of Judy Ottmann, Dona
Heeren, Judy Schweitzer, Rose Bruha, and Becky Fuller;
prepared a Thursday night supper for the volunteers on
July 17.
On July 24, Carol Olson, Nancy Slepicka, and
granddaughter Lydia prepared the Thursday night supper
at Dorchester UMC.
Arline Vossler is organizing the July 31 supper, and Ann
Bruntz is in charge of the August 7 meal.
Dorchester VBS Is a Success!!
Thank you so much from all of us at DUMC to all of
you who helped another year of VBS be so successful.
Thanks to Rhonda, Vera, and all of the UMW ladies
who provided, prepared, and served the meals to the
VBS students and staff. Without your help, we would
have had many hungry (and not so happy) children.
The meals are always very appreciated.
Thanks also to all the helpers. Adult helpers included:
Pastor Baptista, Laura Sysel, Matthew Hoffman, Amy
Weber, Cindy Kotas, Lindsey Zoubek, Meggan
Weber, Lori Vyhnalek, and Jen Kasl. Junior helpers
included: Bailey Velder, Savannah Plonkey, Michelle
Kotas, Ridge Hoffman, Josie Vyhnalek, Clarissa Bors,
Maggie Vyhnalek, and Cassidy Olsen.
The Children had a great time, and it would not have
been possible without our volunteers.
Fitness—A Part of the Daniel Plan 
Want to Exercise with Others?



Walking in Faith will meet Thursdays at 5:30 pm for a

two-mile walk, all in a half-hour, where everyone goes
at his/her own pace. Daniel Plan meeting will follow at
6:00 p.m.
The WalkAbouts will meet in the parking lot on
Thursdays at 5:30 p.m., take a walk around town. The
Daniel Plan Meeting will follow at 6:00 p.m.
Tai Chi will meet at 10:00 a.m. on T/Th.
Bible Study at DUMC - Wednesday Evenings, 7:00 p.m.



Start Becoming a Good Samaritan by John Ortberg
What does it mean to be a Good Samaritan? Many well
know Christian leaders such as Phillip Yancey, Tony
Campolo, Desmond Tutu, Jim Wallis, Rob Bell, and
many others reflect on how important it is to live out in
our daily lives the teachings of Jesus. We cannot do
everything, but we need to do what we can, where we
are. The lessons in this series deal with:
1-Becoming a Good Samaritan – Who Is Our Neighbor?
2-Caring for the Sick—How to Fight Global Epidemics
and Prevent Diseases, especially the HIV/AIDS
pandemic in Africa
3-Seeking Justice and Reconciliation – How Fairness
Changes People, Communities, and Nations.
(Stories include Rawanda, Africa and racism
and human trafficking in the U.S.
4-Honoring the Poor – How Best to Serve Those in
Need—It is not about preserving the humanity
of the poor, but our own as well. Stores include
a church in London that has discovered a
new(old) ministry and a young man recounting
his life for five months on the street. This
session also looks at the four types of poverty
5-Tending to God’s Creation – Why Environmental
Stewardship Is Biblical and Beneficial—Our
first commandment was to care for the planet
that God created and loves.
6-Loving the Forsaken – How to Care for the Disabled,
Orphaned, and Incarcerated –Jesus said, “Whatsoever
you do for one of the least of these, you do for me.”
Come join us in our Study of God’s Word.
September 21 Is Auction Day


 Auction Day Names, Numbers, and Addresses

    Phil & Bernice Weber              946-419 berniceweber@yahoo.com

   Matthew Hoffman                   981-3829  mhoffma3@gmail.com        

   Donnetta Hoffman                  981-2893 hoffmamajr@gmail.com

  Tony & Judy Schweitzer         946-7771

  Carol Olson                          cjolson@farmersco-operative.com

Casey King                              821-2187 deans@diodecom.net

Steve & Vicky Parks                984-0511 or 946-4691

Concerns about Auction Items??

If you have questions or concerns or need an idea about what to donate, contact a member of the Auction Day team listed above.


Auction Catalog Items Needed by August 19

To be listed in the Auction Catalog, items need to be at DUMC by August 19, or send a written description of the item to Carol Olson by August 19.  The Auction Catalog will be distributed throughout the community prior to Auction Day.


Picture Day August 12


Photos of auction items for the Auction Flyer will be taken on August 12.  Please have your items in the DUMC Fellowship Hall in time for Picture Day.  If your items will not be available for Picture Day, contact Casey King with the pertinent information that should be on the Auction Flyer.


Silent Auction Is Something New at DUMC 

Details coming in the September United Methodist.


Volunteers Needed—Lots of Them


Volunteers are needed in all areas of Auction Day.  Contact a member of the Auction Day team to volunteer help with any part of Auction Day. There are jobs for everyone. Just call up and volunteer.


Auction Day Bake Sale

The Auction Day Bake Sale will open before church, close during worship, and reopen at 10:00 a.m.  Items may be left at the church Friday afternoon or evening.


Igniting Youth Mission Trip

 On Tuesday, August 5th the youth will be going out to be the hands, feet, and heart of God by serving in Omaha.  Upon arrival in Omaha, we will work in one of the Big Gardens.  Over lunch we do some justice games about poverty and/or fair trade.  The afternoon will be spent with the Clair Leadership Academy, a children's program in an African American community located at Clair United Methodist Church.

  If you don’t know about the “Big Garden,” here is a little background:  The Big Garden began in 2005. Initially funded by the USDA's Community Food Project, the Big Garden had a goal of creating 12 community gardens in three years. Five years later the Big Garden included 26 gardens in the metro-Omaha area and added a sister project, the Big Rural Garden, in Southeast Nebraska. Today, the Big Garden is a network of over 100 community gardens in metro-Omaha and rural and semi-rural communities in Nebraska, Kansas, and Iowa---and growing!

 The Big Garden relies heavily on grants and donations. Below is a list of their ongoing needs.   The youth would be happy to take anything along you’d like to donate:

• Quality garden hoes

• Quality hand-held garden trowels

• Seed starting tray kits

• Wheelbarrows

• Seeds (Seeds Savers Exchange & Johnny’s

            Selected Seeds are our favorites.)

• Earl May gift cards

• Menard's gift cards

• 13 gallon drawstring kitchen bags, 100 ct

 The youth and their sponsors ask that you keep in your prayers both them, as they prepare to go and serve, and the people they will be serving. Some of us are stepping out of our box a little. 


Mission Ministry Meets Friday, August 15, 4:00 p.m.

 Mission Ministry met on July 18th with 6 people building kits.  We built: 32 Health Kits, 14 Layette Kits, 40 1-Handle Haiti Student Kits (21 were put in the 1-Handle Bags).  We also received a donation of 52 additional 2-Handle UMCOR Student School Bags and a $100 check.  We thank all of you for your generosity.


During August & September we will be building school kits. We need the following supplies for the school kits, but we need supplies for any and all of the kits all the time.


 Blunt Scissors (rounded tip)                                             8’ x10 1/2’ spiral notebooks (70-80 pages)              Packages of 50 rubber bands 

 Pads (or loose leaf) 8 1/2" x 11" ruled paper                                Blue/black stick-style pens, no advertising               Markers, mixed colors 

30-centimeter rulers                                                           Pink erasers (1 ’x 2’, not gum type)                           Red marking pens/pencils 

Hand-held Pencil Sharpener                                            12 inch rulers, with metric                                            8" scissors 

Unsharpened Pencils with erasers (no advertising)    6’ protractors, with metric 

Eraser, 2 1/2"                                                                        White chalk & chalkboard erasers 

Box of 24 Crayons                                                              Boxes of paper clips (50-100)



Thanks to everyone who has helped.  Please come and help us build kits for Missions.


Minutes of Administrative Council

Dorchester United Methodist Church

Monday, July 14, 2014

 Present: Rhonda & Randy Schlick, Bob & Vera Mazour, Steve Ottmann, Bernice Weber, Virginia Krivohlavek, Steve Parks, Pastor Baptista, and Carol Olson.  Vera gave devotions.

 The June minutes were distributed. Bernice made a motion to accept as presented. Virginia seconded. Motion carried.

 The June treasurer’s report was distributed. Rhonda made a motion to accept & file for audit. Vera seconded. Motion carried.  Bernice reported the vacuum isn’t working properly; Randy volunteered to look at it. Randy fixed it.  Roger Clark submitted a landscaping bill of $2,618. Bernice suggested paying $2,500.

Action: Steve P. made a motion to pay Roger Clark $2,500 for services rendered. Randy seconded. Motion carried.

 Auction Committee: (1) A silent auction will be held this year. If the items don‘t get a set minimum bid, they will be put on the auction. (2) Teachers & administrators will be invited to attend the BBQ & auction. (3)  Carol will make “Invite a Friend” cards for people to give to friends & family. (4) Judy Ottmann will chair the bake sale. (5) The price of the meal was changed to: Adults & children over 12 - $11.00, Children 6-11 - $6.00, 5 & Under – Free, Family - $30.00.

 Backpack Program: A thank you was received from Kathy Palky.

 Trustees:  Steve P. reported (1) the insurance adjuster found damage of $1,200 from the storm. Steve suggests replacing a bad rain gutter and vinyl around the windows. (2) He would like to kick off the audio/visual fund raiser campaign with a letter of explanation to our members, followed up with various fund raisers. He would like a thermometer be put up as a visual of how the campaign is progressing. (3) John Potter took photos of the church building and its contents;  they will be kept in the safe deposit box.

 Pastor’s Report: Pastor (1) extended an invitation to Dorchester members to attend Friend’s Reconsecration Service on August 10th at 10:30 am and the Program at 2:00 p.m. followed by an Open House.  The choir is invited to participate. (2) Pastor will be leaving on a twelve week spiritual renewal leave starting August 12th.

 UMW:  Vera reported (1) the UMW served suppers for Vacation Bible School, July 7th – 9th. (2) Thursday, August 7th, members are invited to Beatrice Centenary for their annual salad supper.

 Youth:  Rhonda reported (1) 39 students attended VBS. (2) The youth have an opportunity to attend a 1-day mission trip to Omaha, Tuesday, August 5th.

 Finance Committee: Randy reported the finance committee will be discussing a stewardship drive.

 Next Steps: Randy reported the Next Steps committee met last Sunday & will meet again this Sunday to work on updating the mission & vision statements of the church.

 Daniel Plan: Carol reported she would like to host the Daniel Plan at our church. It is a 40-day lifestyle program co-written by Pastor Rick Warren based on biblical principles and five essential components: Food, Fitness, Focus, Faith, and Friends.

 Beaver Crossing: Our churches were asked to provide four suppers for the AmeriCorps volunteers working in Beaver Crossing. Those organizing and hosting the  suppers are Pam Fuller (July 17th) Nancy Slepicka & Carol Olson (July 24th) Arline Vossler (July 31st) and Ann Bruntz (Aug 7th).

 Bible Study: Rhonda reported the next Bible Study will begin, Wednesday, July 23rd.

 The next Ad. Council meeting will be Monday, August 11th @ 7:00 pm. Rhonda will give devotions. 

 Recording Secretary,

Carol J. Olson